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What is Lip Augmentation?
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What is Lip Augmentation?

Posted on June 11th, 2012

What is Permanent Lip Augmentation

Permanent lip enlargement lifts and plumps thin lips, making use of elements that withstand absorption, supplying longer-term outcomes than collagen. Permanent lip enhancement is an increasing field as there are many more individuals searching for a longer lasting form of lip advancement.

A permanent lip enlargement is generally carried out under local anesthetic, in a medical doctor’s office. There are different types of permanent lip enlargement options based upon the material used to boost lip fullness. Many of the materials for permanent lip enhancement are synthetic, lowering the likelihood of transmitted diseases or being rejected, problems typically connected with permanent lip augmentation when the components are taken from other animals or people. Among synthetic implants utilized for permanent lip augmentation, SoftForm, a variety of Gore-tex, is quite possibly the most effective found thus far. SoftForm implants made for permanent lip enlargement are designed like small tubes, allowing muscle expansion to help secure the implants after permanent lip augmentation surgery. The SoftForm implants are inserted with little incisions using a tiny needle. Artificial permanent lip enhancement implants can become contaminated or may be rejected by the body. Removing the implants can reverse unfavorable reactions to artificial materials used for permanent lip augmentation. Even more natural approaches to permanent lip enhancement include fat transplant, which generates permanent outcomes in almost half of the patients. Medical doctors performing permanent lip enhancement surgery by way of fat transplant remove the fat from the body of the patient and then inject it in to the lip region. Most commonly the fat applied for permanent lip enlargement is taken from the abdomen, although facial liposuction is in some cases combined with this sort of permanent lip enlargement, so that the fat cleared away from the face is re-used to highlight the lips.

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