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Is a Breast Lift San Diego Right for Me?

Posted on November 1st, 2012

Breast Lift Procedure Details
A breast lift San Diego is exactly what the term implies.  The procedure will lift your breasts moving them up higher on your chest. When the procedure is performed any excess skin will be removed giving your breast a much perkier and youthful appearance.

When removing excess skin you will always have minor scarring that is permanent but in most cases minimal, the size of the scar will vary depending on the surgeons experience.  Over time the scars will fade losing the pinkish look and become much less noticeable.

Every surgeon has their own preferred technique below are the most popular.

  • The Donut Lift (Cirumareolar Skin Excision): This breast lift is performed by removing skin in a circle around your areola. Use of this technique is usually driven by the patient’s desire to minimize scaring. This technique limits the amount of skin that can be removed. It also tends to flatten the breast. Often, women are disappointed with the results and end up returning for a traditional mastopexy.
  • The Lollipop Lift (Vertical Mastopexy): In this technique, the incision around your areola is extended with a straight line to the bottom of your breast, where it meets your chest wall. This technique enables your surgeon to remove more skin and create a more attractive breast shape.
  • The Anchor Lift: The incision for this breast lift begins with the Lollipop incision, but adds incisions at the base of your breast, along the natural fold. The Anchor Lift enables the most skin to be removed. The use of this technique is driven by your anatomy.

All of the above techniques have incisions that are below the nipple area so no need to worry about the scars being seen while dressed or in bathing suit.  You can visit our breast lift San Diego gallery to see how the incisions will look.

When viewing our gallery keep in mind these results are very close to when the surgery was performed, as mentioned above these scars will fade in time and become less noticeable.  Some women have a lot of resistance to the incisions and scars that are necessary to optimally lift their breasts. Most scars turn white and are far less visible than expected, but it takes 12–18 months.

Immediate Results

Immediately following the mastopexy San Diego surgery your breasts will be swollen.  This is very normal and your breast will need  four to six months before they fall into their new position.  By maintaining your weight and exercising regularly you will be able to maintain your results for many years. It is also important to follow instructions about the right type of bra to use during this period.

Having a breast lift procedure restores confidence and sexuality for many of our patients.  Having newly lifted breasts will help you feel much more secure about your looks, it is by far one of the most rewarding procedures for patients that we perform.

Having a San Diego breast lift procedure will most likely improve your quality of life and happiness if you are currently struggling with they way your breast currently look.

Call us today to learn more about how a breast lift can help you.

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