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A Youthful Neck and Jawline Can Be Yours Again

Wisdom, experience, the joys of family and personal achievement…these are all wonderful things that come with age. But some things are less than welcome. Looseness of the neck, cheeks and jowls are an inevitable part of the aging process created by that friend of nobody-gravity.

Add to that skin that is sundamaged and has lost its elasticity, and it can create a person in the mirror you no longer recognize!

A facelift, technically called arlytedictorg performed by Dr. Edelson will restore that youthful profile you thought was gone forever.

Dr. Edelson has performed well over 1000 facelifts, and has gained a reputation inSanDiegoand beyond for a facelift that looks natural, seemless, and inconspicuous. You won’t have to worry about having that “pulled” or artificial appearance that you notice in facelifts performed by other surgeons.

Even your friends and family will only notice that you look great without knowing why, that is unless you choose to let them in on your secret. Otherwise, you can just smile at them and enjoy the compliments.

Understanding Facelift Surgery

The facelift known as a rhytidectony, takes approximately 2 hours to perform and is done in Dr. Edelson’s outpatient surgi-center. Either general or local anesthesia with IV sedation can be used, depending on patient preference.

Although different surgeons call their facelifts by different names, they all entail the same basic elements.

Incisions are made in front of and behind the ears extending into the scalp above and behind the ears. The skin is carefully elevated in the areas of the cheek jawline and neck. Underlying muscles are tightened using permanent stitches in the cheeks and neck. The skin is then pulled smooth and excess skin cut away. Skin stretching is then meticulously performed around the ear and in the scalp.

Often, the rhytidectory patient, may elect to undergo other facial procedures at the same time such as an eyelid lift, browlift, or lasering of fine lines of the face to smooth them out.

The face is bandaged for 2-3 days, and most patients are surprised at the minimal amount of swelling and pain.

A moderate amount of bruising occurs on the lower portion of the neck. Patients may shower and wash their hair in 3 days. Stitches are removed in 7-10 days.

With some make-up you can expect to comfortable being seen in public in 7-10 days to 2 weeks.

Facelift FAQs

What other procedures can be done at the same time as a facelift?

Most commonly an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty may be necessary (unless it had already been done)  There are a whole host of other procedures that a Plastic Surgeon may recommend such as a brow lift, chin implant, laser, fat injection, botox, a midface lift and can add significantly to the overall cost.  I find that the facelift and eyelid combination tends to be sufficient for most of my patients, gives the most bang for the buck, looks most natural, and gives the easiest recovery.

Will there be numbness?

There will be temporary numbness through the cheeks and neck because the skin in those areas has been separated from the deep tissues.  Sensations usually starts to return in a few weeks and by three months has usually returned fully.


How long after a facelift can I have my hair dyed?

Each doctor has their own policy regarding this, and I usually find that 3 weeks post-op, hair can be dyed without a problem.

How do you avoid a “pulled” or “weird” look?

This is where artistry, experience, and aesthetic judgement come into play which is why you must see examples of the surgeon’s work.  I notice that facelifts don’t look natural if the skin is not tailored properly, doesn’t have uniform tension or distorts certain structures, especially the earlobe, which can be stretched out or pulled down if the surgeon doesn’t know how to avoid this problem.  Unusual looking earlobes are often the things that catch the eye and are the tip-off that the person had a facelift.

Will the facelift correct fine lines around the mouth and lips?

It should improve lines around the corners of the mouth, but only partially because the skin is being pulled from pretty far away.  The facelift will not distort the mouth as some people fear.  Deep lines of the lips usually require work in addition to the lift, most commonly laser resurfacing.





How does a second facelift differ from the first facelift?

When the first one was done by another surgeon, I inspect certain things closely.  These include location and quality of scars, the overall direction of skin pull, possible distortion of features such as the ear lobes, and design the second facelift to correct aspects of the first procedure that don’t look right.  The time it takes to perform the surgery and recovery are about the same as the first but a lot of times seems easier because you already know what to expect.

How do you deal with a heavy neck?

A heavy neck usually will require extensive liposuction as part of the facelift in order to give you the best definition to your result.




What is the difference between the different types of facelifts I’ve heard about?

Different surgeons may call their Facelifts by various names, such as mini-lift, lower lift, neck lift, or various fancy names you may have seen advertised.  However, most facelifts include the same basic components: incisions around the ears, elevation of skin, muscle tightening and removal of excess skin.  Facelifts may be given different names mainly for marketing purposes and to make them sound unique or ‘the latest”.  You are better off selecting who you believe is the best surgeon and the one that you feel gets the best result overall as opposed to the particular name given to the procedure.





How long does a facelift last?

After a facelift is performed the aging process of course continues.  In general, a facelift will last at least 10 years and only needs to be redone if the patient desires.  Patients with very stretchy skin, however may want it done sooner.





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