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Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Lift – A Refreshed Appearance for Tired Looking Eyes

Your eyes tell the world so much about you- your mood, your spirit, and your soul. But they are also among the earliest victims of the aging process. It starts with a few wrinkles, progresses to a heavy hood of skin on the upper lids, accompanied by puffiness.

This can make a person look tired or angry even when they are not.

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, performed by Dr. Edelson will remove skin and the excess fat which causes the puffiness, creating a natural vibrancy and alert appearance to the eyes, while avoiding that “surprised” or “deer in the headlights” look that you may see in other surgeons work.

Your eyes will not only look, but actually feel less tired. You will look at yourself in the mirror every day and see that person you want to see with a renewed vision of yourself.

Dr. Edelson has performed thousands of blepharoplasty procedures with results that are consistently natural and a recovery that is shorter and easier than you might expect.

Others will notice your renewed sense of confidence but only you will know why. It will change not only the way you see the world but also the way the world sees you.

Understanding eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, takes approximately one hour and is performed in Dr. Edelson’s surgical center on an outpatient basis. It can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. Blepharoplasty can be divided into two different procedures: surgery of the upper lids and that of the lower lids. Most patients benefit from having both upper and lower lids done at the same time. Some may require only one or the other.

Upper lid blepharoplasty involves removing the heavy hood of loose skin to create a natural upper lid crease. Some fat is removed as well.

Lower lid surgery involves removal of the fat that creates puffiness, darkness and circles. This can be done with an incision just below the lower lid eyelashes, or from inside the lid, known as the transconjunctival approach.

Recovery and healing involves minimal discomfort. During the first 24-48 hours, limited activity is advised as well as cold compresses applied to the area. Stitches are removed 3-5 days. Patients can resume most activities in less than a week including driving a car and returning to work. There will be some bruising of the area for up to 2 weeks, although it can be concealed with makeup after only 5 days.

Eyelid Surgery FAQs

How will the scars heal?

Scars of the upper and lower lids almost always heal virtually imperceptively, even in patients with darker skin or those who have bad scars on other parts of the body.  The scars will typically be pink for a while, but gradually fade away over several weeks.  Occasionally, a scar revision may be required.


Will blepharoplasty change the shape of my eyes?

An eyelid lift will not alter the shape of your eyes if performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon.  It is important to see many examples of the surgeons work to determine if you like the results and to be comfortable with that surgeon’s skill and recommendations.

How do you avoid the “surprised” look?

This is where skill, artistry and experience come in.  An unnatural appearance is usually the result of removing too much skin or improper incision placement.  You should look at multiple examples of your surgeons work in helping you choose your surgeon.

Can eyelid surgery correct asymmetry?

Most people have facial asymmetry to some degree in the eyelids.  This can be improved by removing more or less skin and fat from one eyelid than the other.

Can I have eyelid surgery if I have a history of dry eyes?

Blepharoplasty may be performed in most patients with dry eyes, but expect your symptoms to be exacerbated for a few weeks.  You will need to use lubricating eye drops following surgery until your symptoms improve.  Most surgeons in treating a patient with dry eye, may elect to perform a more conservative eyelid procedure to be on the safe side.


Can I have eyelid surgery if I have problems like glaucoma or cataract surgery?

Yes, eyelid surgery can be performed safely in patients with these conditions.  To be certain, however, you might want to consult your ophthalmologist.

How long will it be before I can resume wearing contact lenses?

This varies greatly among patients.  Most patients can start wearing contact lenses at about one week.  For most patients it is usually a matter of trial and error, but after a few weeks, you should be able to wear them normally.

Do I need to have a browlift?

A browlift is a procedure performed to raise the level of the eyebrows.  It can help in lifting some of the heavy skin of the upper lids.  Discuss the issue with your Plastic Surgeon to see if it may provide additional benefit.

Will insurance pay for eyelid surgery?

In a few extreme cases, medical insurance might cover the upper lid blepharoplasty if the skin is so loose that it interferes with vision.  This needs to be evaluated pre-operatively with a test called a visual field exam.  Be sure to check with your insurance company as coverage for eyelid surgery varies greatly between carriers.

How do you know how much skin and fat to remove?

This is where experience and artistic skill is important.  Enough skin and fat need to be removed to get the optimal result, but too much removal can lead to an unnatural look.

How long does an eyelid lift last?

An eyelid lift should last at least 10 years.  Once the excess fat is removed it should not come back.  However, because the skin is very thin, it may gradually stretch out again requiring a revision.  Secondary surgery usually involves minor touch-ups and it is unusual that the entire procedure will need to be redone.

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