Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery- Otoplasty for protruding ears

Prominent or protruding ears can be a cause of childhood teasing and feelings of self-consciousness. This is particularly true with boys, since girls can simply cover their ears with their hair.

An otoplasty, commonly referred to as an ear tuck or ear pinning, is an operation performed to move the ear closer to the side of the head. This is accomplished through alterations in the ear cartilage to create a normal appearing structure.

The surgery is performed from the back side of the ear so there are no visible scars. This is often done in children and teens if social embarrassment is a significant issue. It is safely done in our office under anesthesia for children but in adults it is easy to accomplish under local anesthesia.

Earlobe Deformities

Repair of torn earlobes or those that have been stretched using ring gauges are common requests and are done under local anesthesia in a short procedure.

Dr. Edelson also performs earlobe reductions for overly large earlobes which can be the result of aging, wearing heavy earrings, or as a result of previous facelift procedures.

A distorted or stretched earlobe is often a tip-off that a facelift has been previously done and Dr. Edelson can restore a more natural appearing earlobe and even offer complimentary re-piercing of the lobe if necessary.