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Are Breast Implants Safe for Someone with Family History of Breast Cancer
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Are Breast Implants Safe for Someone with Family History of Breast Cancer

Posted on December 6th, 2012
Are Breast Implants Safe for Someone with Family History of Breast Cancer

If you are considering breast implants San Diego and have a family history of breast cancer, it is important to consider this family history with any breast augmentation procedure.  A concern many women have is whether or not a breast implant will impede mammograms.  For women that have had a mastectomy there is often concern about rebuilding the breast with breast implants.

The most common question I get from women is do breast implants especially silicone increase a women’s risk of breast cancer?

After decades of research on this subject the answer is No.  There is now evidence that some newly developed implants may even deter the growth of cancerous cells in breast reconstruction patients.

Researchers at Brown University have created a new kind of breast implant that uses a special nanotechnology to deter cancer re-growth.  The implant is constructed with a polymer that has a bumpy surface which reduces the growth of blood vessels that typically feed cancerous tumors and in turn attracts healthy endothelial cells.

If you are concerned about breast cancer and have breast implants San Diego the best way to ensure early detection is to undergo a mammogram before and after your breast augmentation surgery, and periodically thereafter.  Women with or without implants should undergo regular annual exams and monthly self exams for early detection.

I have a family history of cancer and I want breast implants, do they increase my chances of getting breast cancer?

According to the American Medical Association breast implants don’t increase your chances of getting breast cancer, although they do decrease the accuracy of mammograms.

If you have a family history of breast cancer our advice is to have a mammogram done pre and post-operative and have annual or even semi-annual mammograms after breast augmentation procedure.

I had a mastectomy. What are my options for rebuilding my breast?

There are several options for rebuilding the breast after a mastectomy. There are a few different surgical methods that can be used for breast reconstruction, depending on the patient’s physiology and the desired results.

Autologous reconstruction — or reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue — is the preferred method. Muscle, fat and skin is removed from donor areas, like the abdomen or latissimus dorsi, and a flap is created over the breast area. This flap is then used to house and support a breast implant, which provides volume and shape to the reconstructed breast.

Alternatively, tissue expansion may sometimes be used in which an expander is placed under the skin and slowly filled over a period of four to six months, creating a pocket for an implant.

With either method, nipple and areola reconstruction is often performed simultaneously and can be achieved using tissue grafts, flap techniques and tattooing.

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